me in a nutshell

Destiny. Michelle. 21 years. physics&chemistry freak.
lives in Europe, Czech Republic.
medical student in love with her field.
one-day-to-be a pathologist.
happily in love with her Man.
Greyīs anatomy supporter.
loves Twilight & The Southern Vampire Series.
James Marsters rules over her imaginary world.
enjoys The Vampire Diaries as a guilty pleasure sheīs ashamed of.
PS8 maniac. crazy about notebooks and folders. couldnīt live without higlighters.
caffeine addicted. enjoys super light LM.
Whedonverse fan.
has a special place in her heart for Buffy+Angel+Firefly.
hates winter and people who donīt leave comments ^^

the background

Except for the short summarization above (even though frankly thatīs about everything you need to know about me:)) Im gonna let you in on a couple of extra details.

As a medical student I donīt really have a lot of free time, but the time I have I usually spend with the biggest love and hobby of my life - books. I love reading - anything, anytime, anywhere (plus when itīs something non-medical, thatīs even better :)). My other hobby is Photoshop and generally graphics in various forms - pencil sketches, pastels, water colours... Apart from graphics and painting I really enjoy ceramics as well and my newest creative discovery is jewellery-making.

I started working with Photoshop 3 years ago and still consider myself being a self-taught advanced beginner :) It took me almost half a year to get the basic idea of layers and then just a bit less to actually understand how to use them :) Working with textures, text and coloring is something that Iīve been learning to this day and there is still a long way to go for me. Even though, as I said, I donīt consider myself being a Photoshop pro, if you ever need my help or a piece of advice on anything donīt hesitate to contact me and ask ;)

Favourite books and authors: basically anything from the golden age of sci-fi, Orson Scott Cardīs books (Enderīs game, Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide...), Arthur C.Clarke - Rendezvous with Rama, Childhoodīs End, Earthlight, A fall of Moondust, The Songs of Distant Earth..., I.Asimov and all his work, S.King - The Dreamcatcher, The Pet Semetery, Misery..., E.M.Remarque - Three Comrades, Heaven has no favourites... Umberto Ecco - The Name of the Rose, Mika Waltari, Oscar Wilde, A.S. Exupery...

Favourite TV shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, Firefly, How I met your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Futurama, The Simpsons, The Inside, Leverage, Dexter, The Lost Room, Alias, Death Note, Merlin: Keep the Magic Secret, Supernatural, Greyīs Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, Scrubs, True Blood, Generation Kill, Black Books, Dollhouse, Doctor Horribleīs Sing Along Blog...

Favourite movies: The Shawshank redemption, Serenity, Stardust, When Harry Met Sally, Constantine, X-Men series, Harry Potter series, Moulin Rouge, Sleepy Hollow, Bridget Jonesīs Diary, Sleepless in Seattle, Fallen, Lost Boys, Pride and Prejudice, The Lord of the Rings...

the dirty little details

- Im not a grammar nazi, seeing as I myself am not an english native speaker, but given english or my native language czech, I do hate when people deliberately violate the simplest grammar rules. And add a little bit of the tExT tAlkInG tHat lOOks lIkE a rEtArdED cAt hAs jUst rUn acRosS yOuR kEyBoArd and then I feel like I want to kill you with a brick. A really heavy one. Seriously :)

- Im a worcaholic. Which might be a little funny, considering that I dont work and my only "job" is my college, so to be more precise we might call it "over-achiever". I never do things just halfway, I hate to be unprepared, I hate not knowing the right answer. Youīre fully entitled to hate me for that, because I hate that a little bit too :)

- I absolutely love and adore thrift stores. The thrill of the hunt for the one right piece of clothing thatīs been waiting there for you is what I imagine the old hunters mustīve felt when they were patiently stalking their prey :)

- Im a sucker for compliments. Give me a nice compliment and you will probably get away with anything :)

- The smell of new books is something that I love so much. There is just something about the way the new paper smells, that fresh and kind of artificial heavy scent that gives me the chills.

current obsessions

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