The way it used to look around here

Version 1: Run and Hide
From: 22.2.2011 - 25.3.2011
Theme: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Note: I forgot to take a screenshot of the very first layout so this is just a header to give you a general look.

Version 2: Wonders
From: 25.3.2011 - 22.9.2011
Theme: Buffy and Angel manipulation
Note: This layout spent here an unusual amount of time due to the server crash and building the site up again.

Version 3: Forbidden Fruit
From: 22.9.2011 - 2.2.2012
Theme: The Vampire Diaries

Version 4: The killer in me
From: 2.2.2011 - 21.9.2012
Theme: Dexter manipulation
Note: Because Im an airhead, I forgot to take a screenshot of this one, so here is just the header to show you the general picture :)

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